Chocolate Crumbkins Variety Pack

This pack of chocolatey goodness includes:

Our Chocolate Crumbkins Variety Pack is what happens when all your favorites of our chocolate varieties team up together like they’re the Avengers. You get three Brooklyn Blackout, three Mint Blackout, three Raspberry Blackout, and three Brooklyn Joe. They might be little, but they’re still really super.  

Our chocolate cakes are moist, and delicious, and made with only the finest all-natural ingredients, like fresh butter and real Belgian chocolate. These cakes are topped with a mountain of plump crumbs. And just when you thought we couldn’t pack anymore deliciousness into our cakes, we put a different layer of flavor between the cake and the crumbs of each variety. Their rich, chocolatey taste will satisfy your chocolate craving. You’ve never tasted miniature crumb cakes like these before!