Cookies & Cream Crumb Cake (Free Shipping)

Do you like Oreos? Are you looking for a crumb cake that tastes like a giant Oreo cookie? Well, you’re in luck, because our February Crumb Cake of the Month takes a chocolate cake and tops it with homemade crème and Oreo cookie crumbs to give you all the amazing cookies and cream flavor you could ask for!

Our Cookies & Cream Crumb Cake starts with a moist, and delicious chocolate cake, made with only the finest ingredients, like fresh buttermilk, and real Belgian chocolate. Then we add a layer of homemade crème and a mountain of plump crumbs made from real Oreo cookies. These amazing crumbs explode with flavor. Our recipe will leave your taste buds wondering which part is better, the cake or the crumbs? Either way, we believe this will be the best crumb cake you’ve ever tasted!

As always, our Crumb Cakes of the Month ship for FREE!!! Use coupon code ship4free to receive FREE SHIPPING on your order!



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